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Master Data Management

Features of MDM software by DataINFA

Being one of the pioneer Mobile Device Management Service Providers, our software provides extended security policies, preventing any leakage of your high-profile data. Some of the best features of our MDM software are as follows.

● Policy for Enforce Passcode
● Kiosk Mode
● Controlling the screen capture
● Detection of compliance violations
● Monitoring of any security incidents
● Logs of Administrator activities
● Attestation of SafetyNet
● Protection from factory reset
● Configuring the Wi-Fi settings
● Remote factory or wipe settings
● Removal of restricted profile
● Restrictions on data sharing

Intuitive and Effortless Mobile Device Management for Efficient Workforce

MDM or Mobile Device Management is a well-proven and successful methodology and software that delivers control and visibility to the IT segment for monitoring, securing, and managing employee or corporate-owned equipment to access the company data. MDM from DataINFA allows the user to supervise, set up, and have safety for the mobile devices and applications of the company.

How does MDM Software by DataINFA automate the management process?

You can control and guide every device owned by the employee on the secured network. Efficiently manages all the Android, Windows, iOS, and other devices through our Best Mobile Device Management Software, starting from procurement to retirement.

● Full automatic management system
● Automated and immediate enrollment
● Enforcing enhanced mobile security
● Regular audit of apps and devices
● Securing accessing all the emails
● Managing the life cycle of the applications
● Dynamic workflows and policies
● Automated Policy enforcement and device compliance

Why is DataINFA's MDM Software so popular?

As the best MDM Provider, our software is user-centric, helping the business create measurable growth, reduced costs, and enhanced efficiency with mobility. Other reasons for its popularity are:

● Increased productivity
● Reduced manual work
● Easy management of devices within 18 minutes

So call us to get started with your customized MDM software from DataINFA.