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Product Information Manager

Components of Data Management Resources

The DMR system provided by Data Infa offers the following components.

● GUID or Global Unique Identifier
● ProForms or Protocol and Forms Research Management Systems
● Data Dictionary
● Validation of data
● Submission of data
● Data Query
● Meta Study
● MIPAV or Medical Image Processing, Analysis, and Visualization

Unleash the real data power through Data Management Resources

Data management resources are a modular component collection that offers the researchers access to the required tools. It helps the enormous enterprises for the quality assurance and collection of the data in a standard format. The coordinates of the Data management resources assemble the de-identified information in a common database, allowing the query and the aggregate data distribution. Being one of the pioneering Data Management Resources providers, Data Infa will help to optimize your processes, explore new opportunities and improve the customer experience.

Benefits of using Data Management Resources of DataINFA

DataINFA, the top Data Management Resources Provider, offers a DMR system helping you to achieve a competitive advantage, inducing collaboration, driving innovation, and encouraging various data cultures. Besides these advantages, our DMR also offer

● Unified Analytics
● Scalable and secure solutions
● Rapid adoption
● Powerful visualizations
● AI-powered system
● Flexible deployment

Diversified Industries using DataINFA Data Management system

● Finance
More than 9 million financial reports are getting scanned every day in more than 600 financial institutions.

● Healthcare
We schedule distribution and dynamic printing of over 30000 forms each day for numerous insurers.

How does the DMR system help to create an intelligent enterprise?

The Data management resource system by the renowned Data Management Resources Provider-DataINFA offers the following features.

● Data-centric decision making
● Enterprise mobility
● Self Service Analytics
● Machine Learning and Data science

Our modular and customized DMR solution has made our company the first preference of numerous small, medium, and large-scale enterprises all across the world.